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Discover the first decentralized ecosystem where we all win

Take advantage of the most revolutionary technology that exists: Blockchain.

Join the fastest growing community in the blockchain ecosystem:

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Why Kuailian?



You can see all the traceability that cryptocurrencies perform in a public way through any block explorer. All wallets used by the company are public.



Kuailian works automatically, by means of Machine Learning and Smart Contracts dispersion tools.



Thanks to our automatisms, Kuailian is able to adapt to market movements in an optimal way.



The rewards generated by our SMART POOL are sent directly to the user's private wallet on a daily basis.

The Kuailian Ecosystem

PoS Software

Staking and Masternode services


A place where you can easily buy


Learning center with free blockchain and cryptocurrency content

Pool Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of all PoS software technologies

Rewards Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of all rewards transactions of the PoS Software


Purpose is charity organization of ecosystem Kuailian, based on blockchain.


(Сoming soon)

Quantum Trading Software

(Сoming soon)

Debit Card Payment Solution

(Сoming soon)

Arbitrage Trading Software

(Сoming soon)

What does it mean to be part of the Kuailian ecosystem?

It easily enters the market with the highest growth in decades. We accompany you during the process.

Learn about traditional economics and cryptoeconomics. Find out how blockchain technology works and how to take advantage of it.

All our products and services are based on a transparency standard never seen before, and all thanks to blockchain technology.

Thanks to our digital dataphones, you can be part of the change and help other people to join the "blockchain revolution".

Through our platform you can buy and sell any product through the use of cryptocurrencies.

We are currently in more than 120 countries, and our goal is to reach everywhere. You don't want to be left out! .

Kuailian Travel, the first platform worldwide that allows you to travel paying exclusively in cryptocurrencies, and all this, at prices never seen before.

Kuailian's main objective is to bring market resources closer to people, through blockchain technology. In a future where it will be in all sectors, Kuailian will provide us with access to all these market resources that would otherwise be impossible.

Join Kuailian and say hello to the future.

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